In the fields of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process which consists of building or assembling of infrastructure. At Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd, we look into bridge repairs, creating artificial lakes, dam strengthening, canal repairing, waterpipe line repairing, waterproofing and plastering.

Bridge Repair

Under bridge repair, we undertake various repair and maintenance activities for Steel, masonry and concrete bridges.

For Steel Bridges, the following activities are carried out by Dimple Chemical & Services:
• Metalising process to control the rate of corrosion and increase the life of the steel structure.
• Replacing the sand blasting process by Nicprotect Z300 for removing of existing paint. Hence the environmental hazard of sand blasting is avoided
• The Flexo Epoxy Metalised coating is a flexible and a UV light resistant material containing excellent bonding properties with metal surface. It is a non-acidic polymer and has good workability. This material is inert to saline atmosphere, is non polluting and non hazardous as well.

Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd have a specially designed T joint technology for masonry bridge structures. This T joint is filled by PICC material with bonding agent for increasing the strength of structure and is comparatively a more suitable product than the existing conventional methods.

Concrete surfaces have 15 to 20 % porosity which makes the structure become weak. At Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd, we make this process more effective through application of our in-house technology of Poly Ironide Ceramic Cementitous (PICC) coating which gives less than 1 % porosity. This technology is also used to repair Piers under water, owing to the high level of water flow.

Artificial Lake

Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd have carried out the process of creating artificial lakes on black cotton soil for many clients until now. Our new technology of PICC has been created in an attempt to replace conventional method of RCC. The PICC benefits can be listed out as working towards no expansion joints, monolithic application, no tiling etc., thereby providing a more cost-effective solution to your construction requirements.

Dam Strengthening

For dam strengthening, we provide services for:

• Baffle Block – This is treated by the PICC technology for creating an excellent bond and high abrasion resistance.
• Concrete surface
• Grouting
• Masonry and UCR Surface
• Piers
• Radial Gates and Hoist
• Sluice Gate Concrete Area
• Spillway
• Stilling Basin
• Wave Block

Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd uses PICC for resurfacing of concrete surfaces, Piers and Sluice Gate concrete area. Guniting in general has 30-40% porosity whereas PICC has less than 1% porosity, thereby strengthening the structure. The thickness of PICC is also just 15-20mm implying an ease of application and cost-effectiveness. This PICC technology is also used for spillway coating, as it has excellent abrasion resistance and UV stability. As PICC is best for application in areas with high velocity of water flow, it is also applied on Stilling Basins and Wave Block, with similar coating of 15-20mm.

Poly-cementitious Grouting material is applied for grouting of dam by injecting, to reduce the porosity inside the dam / concrete structure and to increase the strength of Dam /concrete structure. Specially designed PICC material is used for T jointing treatment of Masonry & UCR surface which strengthens the structure with less than 1 % porosity. For Radial Gates and Hoist, the Flexo Epoxy Metalised Coating technology is used. This technology is a metalizing process for controlling the rate of corrosion and increasing the sustainability of the structure. This technology can also be used for replacing sand blasting, which replacing existing paint with a new coat, thereby negating any environmental hazard.

Canal Repairing

The various areas of canal repairs undertaken by Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd include aqueduct, Siphon, Canal Lining and Conduit.

The PICC technology product is applied very extensively here as well for its great quality porosity amount of 1%. An inner coating of aqueducts, siphons, canal linings and conduits is done for meeting the high abrasion resistance levels.

Modified Polysulphide sealant is also used as joint sealant which serves as a good adhesive to the concrete surface, curing elastic rubber seal, surface porosity close to nil and being chemical resistant.

Water Pipe line repairing

External water pipeline have many welding joints. Corrosion rate is at a higher level due to welding of these water pipes. Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd provides solution to this through application of Flexo Ironite ceramic coating on welding joints. This application increases the life of joint by controlling of rate of corrosion. The metalizing of surfaces is also done for controlling the rate of corrosion and ensuring UV stability.

Water Proofing

Water Proofing services by Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd are included for:

• Basement work
• Lift Pit
• OHWT (Over Head Water Tank)
• Podium
• Sloping Roof
• STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)
• Swimming Pool
• Toilet & Utilities
• UGWT (Underground Water Tank)
• Water Bodies
• Top Terrace
• Vertical Walls
• Elevated Storage Reservoirs (ESR)

Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd's technology of PICC material is used and approved for inner coating of OHWT, sloping roof, STP, swimming pools, toilet and utilites, UGWT as well. PICC’s salient features of having low porosity, high comprehensive strength, high abrasion resistance, and excellent bond strength, enables spread of usage across concrete, steel, PVC surfaces. PICC replaces the box-type waterproofing methods through monolithic applications, which can cover 200sqm surface area in a day, thus becoming more cost-effective solution. The coating thickness of this technology is 5-20mm and is a far more superior in application than existing conventional methods like using Brickbat Coba.


Vertical Wall
PICC is also an excellent material to be used in the Plastering process. It is time saving, reduces load, water proofs external wall and avoids incurring the cost of internal plaster.


Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd undertake a range of activities for their Engineering specific client base. We provide services related to Forging and castings, Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled Sheets, Bearing, Tubes, Wire Rods, Fasteners, TMT/ TOR Steel and Sintered Product

There are various applications undertaken for these activities as listed below:

Forgings & Castings

Following are the forging and casting services done for Machined Components
• Corrosion Control of Machined surface of Shafts, Gears, Companion Flange
• Corrosion control of Machined surface of Cylinder Head & Cylinder Block
• Improvement in milipore value of various components like Gear Box, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block
• Corrosion Control of Ground Surface
• Corrosion Control of Various forging & Casting components
• Corrosion control & lubricity for threaded holes.
• Transit protection

Following are the forging and casting services done for Un-machined Components:
• Corrosion control of bars & billets
• Improvement in Shot blasting Cycle
• Improvement in surface texture after shot blasting
• Corrosion control of un-machined surface of forging/casting
• Transit Protection
• Corrosion control of Machined surface of Cylinder Head & Cylinder Block

Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled (HR/CR) Sheets

Following are the rolled sheet services done for Welded Assemblies:
• Control of rate of corrosion of welded joints.
• Elimination of surface preparation process like phosphating.
• Washing can be eliminated before painting / welding.
• Transit protection

Following are the rolled sheet services done for Edge Sealant :
• Elimination of bimetallic corrosion at the edges of HR/CR sheet by forming antistatic film.
• Cost effective as compare to other organic edge sealants.
• Transit protection

Following are the rolled sheet services done for Pickled Sheet :
• Elimination of bimetallic corrosion at the edges of HR/CR sheet by forming antistatic film.


The Z300 technology patented by Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd is extensively used for transit protection cleaning before next operations like Heat Treatment. This technology provides lubricity while forming a no-oil surface thereby improving the surface finish. This technology is used ofr Races, Retainers and Rolling Elements under the Bearing category


The Z300 technology is used for Seamless and Welded Tubes as well for transit protection in former, thereby eliminating varnishing of pipes. For Welded Tubes, this technology is used to prevent the rate of corrosion at welded joints, thereby giving good surface to paint upon without washing

Z300’s scientifically tested and applied methods of reducing rate of corrosion, improving corrosion resistance and not hampering slippage load, non-oily surface, improving Milipore value are all used for Wire Rods, Fasteners, TMT/ TOR Steel and Sintered Products respectively.

Wire Rods

Z300 can be used for control of rate of corrosion. It can be used as lubricant for small reduction ratio.


Improves corrosion resistance without hampering slippage load


It is Non oily corrosion resistance coating. It does not reduce pull out adhesion properties

Sintered Product

Z300 can be used as impregnating oil for sintered products. It controls bimetallic corrosion originated from sharp edges in the cavities. It also improves the milipore value.

Generic Applications

Cooling Tower Coating

Flexo Epoxy Metalised coating is used to get better corrosion resistance along with UV resistance

Pipeline Coatings

High Abrasion & corrosion resistance coating is applied with UV, mild acid & alkali resistance.

Industrial Flooring

Epoxy coating with various colors can be done with antiskid properties.

High Abrasion Resistance
Epoxy Ironite Ceramic Coating for industrial flooring having abrasion & mild chemical resistance.

Floor Cleaners

Specialty chemicals is used to remove stains of oil & other waste from surface like concrete, epoxy flooring, steel


Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd have worked in the Railway Industry in following areas:

Interior of Wagons

High abrasion & corrosion resistance coating done for open wagons by Flexo Epoxy Ironite Ceramic coating Material

PSC Sleepers

Cracked PSC Sleepers have been repaired by Flexo Epoxy Ironite Ceramic Material to get near original strength eliminating complete replacement of PSC Sleepers

Rail Track Assembly

Corrosion resistance coating by Flexo Metalised Coating material has been applied to control Bio & Bimetallic corrosion


Dimple Chemicals & Services Pvt Ltd provide services to the Shipping Industry uder following areas:


High abrasion & corrosion resistance coating is applied alongwith UV resistance material. This process is carried out by Flexo Epoxy Ironite Ceramic Coating material.


Flexo Epoxy Metalised coating is done to remove corrosion & increase UV resistance.