Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension of liquid, the interfacial tension between two liquids, or that between a liquid and a solid.

At Dimple Chemical and Services, we manufacture various such products and their technical capabilities can be listed as follows:


Phosphate Esters






Alkyl phenol


Block Co-polymer

Wide variety of substrates such as synthetic & natural alcohols, Alkyl phenol esters, fatty amines, saturated –unsaturated etc. fatty acids.

All Ethoxylates alcohols and their sodium, potassium, ammonium salts etc.

All ethoxylates by sulphamic acid.

Vegetable oils.

Vegetable oils & alpha olefins.

Paraffin to form synthetic fatty acids.

Sorbitant esters such as sorbitant mono oleate, Glycerol mono oleate etc

Styrenated Phenol, Card phenol etc.

Emulsion polymerization and aqueous polymerization in solvents.

Ally alcohols, synthetic alcohols, oxoalcohols based block polymers

We cater these products to various industries including:

• Agrochemical
• Textile
• Paint
• Pigment
• Petroleum

• Auxillary Chemicals
• Water Treatment
• Auxillary Chemicals
• Fertilizer
• Lubricant

• Lube additive
• Personal Care
• Dyes
• Perfumery